This is the site for Eric Martin’s 2012 congressional campaign run.  Immediately below is perhaps my best speech from the campaign:


(You can see the original footage at

The election has happened, and I am no longer running for Congress. Below the results is my announcement page for the election that has already taken place.  I got fifth out of seven contenders.  Thank you so much for you support.

Results of PA’s April 24th, 2012 4th Congressional Republican Primary:

34,829 53.6%

12,103 18.6%

9,298 14.3%

3,073 4.7%

2,150 3.3%

2,146 3.3%

1,445 2.2%



As Todd Platts announces his retirement from the House of Representatives, Eric Martin announces his candidacy for the Republican Nomination for Pennsylvania’s 4th District for the U.S. Congress. (because of redistricting Todd Platt’s old 19th District will essentially become the new 4th District)

Eric is the Liberty candidate in this Republican primary.  He is endorsed by, please see here for more information.

Read more of the introduction below, or jump right into where Eric stands on some of the most pressing issues of our time, read about the campaign’s latest events, read more about Eric, volunteer for the campaign, or donate to the campaign.

Eric believes in a limited role for the Federal Government, based on the principles outlined in the United States Constitution. The Founders had the backdrop of an oppressive England, and the Constitution was drafted to limit the federal government, specifically so that the United States was not a repeat of England.

Here is a group of highlights from a debate which will give you an overview of Eric’s views on a few topics:


Here’s a little clip of an awesome comment from the audience, and Eric Martin’s response to the whole audience: a great introduction to where he is coming from:


The following is a video interview done by PCN, and gives a good overview on where Eric stands:


You can see the original interview at:

The number one thing that any congressperson or any president should ask when considering any legislation, is “Where is this legislation authorized in the Constitution?”. If it is not authorized it should not be voted for or signed into law. The current problems of our government are because the Legislature and President have gone against the Constitution in so many areas, over many decades; and this has happened regardless of party, leadership, or ideology. Most of what the Federal government is doing is unconstitutional and would have embarrassed our Founding Fathers. Everyone in government can rally around the Constitution, because no one can blame anyone for following the Supreme Law of the Land, which legislators and presidents have already sworn or affirmed to uphold.

Eric is 26 years old and has a huge incentive to right the ship that is the United State Federal Government. He has more of an incentive to right the ship than any of the other candidates because he is so young. The problems this country has will affect him soon, and probably in the prime of his life. He has no choice but to fix them as soon as possible, and has no ability to pass the problems off to future generation, because he is the future generation.

Please read about where Eric stands on some of the most pressing issues of our time, read about the campaign’s latest events, read more about Eric, volunteer for the campaign, or donate to the campaign.

“I hope to win the nomination and ask that you stand with me in limiting the role of the Federal Government, while expanding rights and freedoms for the individual and the state of Pennsylvania.” -Eric Martin

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